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Nov 14, 2017 - TIL

... about take in oh-my-zsh

Ever finding yourself doing a mkdir followed by a cd into the newly created directory? Turns out, oh-my-zsh has a built in function that does both! Allow me to introduce you to take …​

You can find the source for take here.

A simple demonstration follows:

~ > cd tmp
~/tmp > take some-directory
~/tmp/some-directory >

Nifty, right?

Furthermore, it uses mkdir -p under the covers, which is idempotent, so if the directory already exists, it raises no errors, and follows it with a cd.

Truth be told, I am beating myself up for not having read the source of oh-my-zsh for so long! There are all kinds of nifty functions and aliases in there.

If you use oh-my-zsh then you should definitely take a look; if you don’t then perhaps this will make a convert of you :)