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Aug 18, 2012 - JavaScript

On Prototypal Inheritance

Douglas Crockford refers to JavaScript as “Lisp in C’s Clothing” which gives us an inkling to it’s true power. Unfortunately JavaScript, a language that started with a rushed schedule to production and a specification that was buffeted with strong political winds at it’s inception, has often been “misunderstood”. Despite it’s unfortunate beginnings, amidst the stormy waters laden with many a pitfall like global variables, lie a few pearls of wisdom, of which one is prototypal inheritance. In this 2-series article we will take a deep dive into JavaScript’s prototypal nature - we will see how it works, and more importantly how we, as JavaScript developers can leverage it. We will take it a step further to see how we can develop our own hierarchies to model our code, allowing for better reuse.